Special Education (Exceptional Student Services)

The Lewis-Palmer School District aspires to prepare students to be successful learners, productive citizens, and caring contributors to society.

The purpose of Special Education in Lewis-Palmer School District 38 is to support students in the attainment of competence and independence. To reach goals, individual needs of students with disabilities are addressed through the use of appropriate research-based educational practices. In addition, the district delivers services in accordance with legal and ethical standards established in federal, state, and local board of director's rules and policy. Lewis-Palmer School District 38 provides a continuum of services for students. Whenever possible, these services are delivered in the most natural or least restrictive environment for the student, which is usually his/her home school. Center program services are designed to provide more intensive developmental or compensatory services in a particular functioning area. Special Education staff facilitate a "needs based" service delivery model. The basic philosophy underlying this model is that, in providing programs to meet the needs of students with disabling conditions, the characteristics of their needs are more important than the categorical label of their disability/disabilities.


  • Evaluate literacy programming and effectiveness

  • Enhance feedback from parents and students using the parent questionnaire

  • Honor individuals that make a difference for those with disabilities

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