Impact Aid

Impact Aid surveys are mailed home the first week of November to parents/guardians who are active duty military members. Completed surveys allow Lewis-Palmer School District to apply for the Federal Impact Aid Grant, which assists school districts who educate federally-connected children. Since the money we receive is directly affected by the number of children claimed in our application, we ask that you please take the time to complete your survey and return it to your child's school.

How Impact Aid Helps D38

Unfortunately, District 38 does not receive the amount of Impact Aid that other local districts are awarded. For instance, Academy District 20 and Fountain-Fort Carson District 8 have schools located on military installations. This, coupled with a much larger student population with active-duty military parents, nets them millions of dollars in Impact Aid every year.

Students in District 38 who have a parent on active duty make up about 5% of our overall student population. We just barely meet the threshold of 3% to even apply for this grant; therefore, every survey counts! The money we receive is used for general expenditures as well as Special Education services that aren't already funded by the state or federal government. We partner with Monument Academy to apply for this grant every year, and the portion of money attributed to Monument Academy students is given directly to the school.

We are usually awarded money for each year in three or four separate payments. Here is a breakdown of the awards Lewis-Palmer School District has received over the last 14 years:

School Year   Payments

2009-2010   $26,241

2010-2011   $30,294

2011-2012   $31,304

2012-2013   $24,877

2013-2014   $32,736

2014-2015   $38,992

2015-2016   $36,499

2016-2017   $32,537

2017-2018   $28,184

2018-2019   $32,499

2019-2020   $31,456

2020-2021   $30,585

2021-2022   $41,521

2022-2023 $33,660

Total            $451,385