EL Announcements

Understanding the EL Program

Do you have questions about the EL program?
My child is an English Learner. What does that mean? How is my child's language development supported at school? How do I know if my child is making progress?

See these answers and more on the WIDA website. Learn more about academic standards for English Learners, how to interpret student language proficiency scores  and be more able to engage in meaningful discussions about your student's language progress and instruction.

Higher Education Guide for EL Students

The link below is to a guide to help EL students navigate the complicated process of enrolling in college. For many EL students, they will be the first in their family to attend a college or university, this guide helps answer the hard questions and prepare them for the transition. 

The guide includes expert advice from Elisia Howard, a certified college counselor and former EL teacher, advises students on how to prepare and apply for college, and discusses nine tips for EL students to be successful while in school. You can check out the entire guide below.

The College Transition Guide for ESL Students