Enrollment Information

HSEA experienced an increase in enrollment during the 2022-23 school year. Our goal is to provide our students with high-quality learning experiences. At this time, we are enrolling existing families to provide a continuity of programming. New families will be accepted based on space availability beginning April 14, 2023. To be placed on our waiting list, please complete the HSEA Waiting List for 2023-24 form.

New kindergarten students are welcome to enroll at this time.

Enrollment in the Home School Enrichment Academy is completed online. The link is located on the Student Enrollment page. Note: if enrolling your child in kindergarten at the Home School Enrichment Academy, please select "Half-Day Kindergarten" for the grade when completing the application.

A choice enrollment application is only required if your student resides outside the boundaries of Lewis-Palmer School District. The choice enrollment application can be found on the Choice Enrollment page.


2023 Spring offerings for grades 6-8 

HSEA Yearbook - This is the second semester of Yearbook Class.  Students will continue work on the 2022-23 HSEA yearbook with photography, layouts and interviews.  A large focus this semester will be on editing and distributing the yearbooks.  Do you want input on the yearbook?  Make sure to choose this class!

P.E./Fitness - Students will have the opportunity to learn about physical and mental fitness while also developing skills in individual and team sports.  Classes will include time for discussions, introductions to new games, and time to review & play favorite games.

Improv Class  - Are you looking for a class that has lots of interactive games with big dramatic flair?  Then Improv Class is the right choice for you.  We will be learning how to communicate effectively without a script.  Our culminating semester project will tie into the spring student showcase.

Nature’s Predators - Would you like to learn more about the balance of predator/prey relationships, ecology, keystone species, and how scientists learn about predators and prey?  This class will offer students an opportunity to learn about the science of ecology in the natural world and how vital predator/prey relationships are to the life cycle.

Games Galore - Are you interested in learning and/or teaching table games? Each week we will be learning and playing new games.  Games will include card games, board games and group games.  Choose a favorite game to bring and teach your classmates, too.  If you are a game lover…this is the class for you!

Guitar - In this course, students will learn and have time to practice strumming, picking, chords, and simple melodies.  While this is a continuation of Guitar from Fall Semester, all students are welcome to join regardless of experience or skill level.

Middle School Art - This semester of art will include lots of different art projects including using paints, oil pastels, 3D art projects and paper sculpting.

Music Appreciation - This course will introduce students to various concepts in music that they routinely hear, but may not know about.  This will involve an extensive amount of listening.

2-8 Spring Semester Explorer Time Class Descriptions

Crafting Wonders

Crafts from nature and history, crafts connecting science and math, the possibilities are endless. Crafts should spark wonder while students wait their turn on the pottery wheel.

Lego Builders

Come build with Legos! We will work together and individually to build Lego scenes that help us learn about other countries, US Landmarks and more!

Brain Games

Come have fun playing with us, learning new games (or playing old ones), putting together puzzles, or engaging in a periodic STEM project.


Learn about cartoons, learn drawing techniques, draw your favorites, create your own cartoon characters, have some free drawing time, share your cartoons with the class if you’d like to. We will learn different cartoons from the last cartoon class. 

Let’s Move

Want to play lots of interactive group and individual games?  Join the Let’s Move class to play drama games, team building games and individual competitions in a class that will keep you active all class long.

Chess Club

Students will have opportunities to learn about chess, develop skills, practice against peers and play in competitive matches.  Students of all levels are welcome!  

Tour Our Facility

If you are interested in our program and would like to make arrangements for a tour, please email Melissa Gibson-Steineror call 719-510-6294. 

Enrollment Documents and Links

Notice of Intent to Home School - to satisfy annual state notification requirement.

For more information on Home Schooling in Colorado, visit these pages on the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) website: