Data Privacy and Security

LPSD Student Data Protections

LPSD actively secures and protects our information systems. In light of recent cybersecurity events involving schools around the nation, we want to remind our families of the deliberate actions LPSD employs to protect student data. 

  • LPSD contracts with professional network and computer security providers who evaluate our systems to identify potential security weaknesses and assist with resolving any identified issues. 

  • LPSD undergoes regular security audits.

  • LPSD continually updates all computers, servers, and other network systems to ensure they are running the most recent software available to safeguard against emerging vulnerabilities. 

  • LPSD implements industry standard security protocols and practices. 

  • LPSD monitors email and information systems for unauthorized or suspicious access.  

  • LPSD only shares necessary data with contracted companies and vendors. 

  • LPSD requires all vendors that may have access to sensitive data to sign a DPA (Data Privacy Addendum) with the district. 

Further safeguards families can utilize:

  • Keep password information secure and do not share it. 

  • Do not use the same username or password for every system.

  • Do not use a password that could be easily guessed.

  • Choose a complex password.

  • Change passwords often. 

  • Discuss password and personal identification security protocols with children.

Common Sense Media and VPN Streamer also provide many helpful tips and resources for families. As a service to families in our community, Lewis-Palmer School District 38 shares these links. The district does not endorse any listings that are not district-sponsored programs.

Student Data Privacy and Security FAQs

How do I learn more about Student Data Transparency and Security / C.R.S. 22-16-202 et seq (also known as HB 16-1423)?

What student PII (Personally Identifiable Information) does LPSD have?

  • We invite you to view the list of digital resources and tools in use at LPSD schools.  The privacy policies for School Service On-Demand Providers (SSODPs) indicate what PII each collects.  We are updating the spreadsheet with links to the privacy policies.  This list is periodically updated with new digital resources/tools.

  • Our list of School Service Contract Providers (SSCPs) also includes the PII collected and the DPAs they've signed. This list is periodically updated.

  • We review teachers' requests for digital resources and tools that may collect student PII.  The vetted websites and tools list, here, gives specific guidance as to these reviewed resources/tools may be used.

  • You may fill out this form to request a copy of your student's personally identifiable information.

  • You may fill out this form to request a correction to your student's PII.

What student data does CDE collect?