Innovative Learning Program

Lewis-Palmer School District’s Innovative Learning Program is a District program housed at both high school sites. This blended program will enable students to engage in a non-traditional learning environment. The Innovative Learning Program promotes student flexibility in scheduling options and academic programming opportunities. The program is designed to meet high school graduation requirements while connecting students with relevant work-and career-based experiences. Please contact your counselor or administrator for more information.  

We believe education is an on going process. Through effective implementation and engaging practices, each student will discover their unique potential, learn skills relevant to social-emotional and academics, develop a passion for learning and social-emotional development, and plan a successful post secondary path.


  • 100% of students will be on target to meet graduation requirements (both local and state) within one year of entry into the program.

  • 100% of students will maintain on-time graduation status once attained in goal 1.

  • 100% of students will have an ICAP with clearly defined post secondary goals.

  • 100% of students are college and/or career ready by their final semester in the program. 

It is our Mission to educate and engage students in a process of relevant educational experiences and a path to self-discovery so that they can thrive at school and launch into their postsecondary lives successfully.