Board and District Policies Foreword

Link to policies: Lewis-Palmer School District 38 Policies 

The Board of Education of Lewis-Palmer School District 38 desires to represent and steward the core values of the Lewis-Palmer community, with an emphasis on broad strategic initiatives. The Board is a governance Board, and as such, is not directly involved in management of daily activities of the school district.

The Board of Education’s connection to the operational organization, its administration, faculty, and staff, its methods and practices, and its achievements and conduct, is through a chief executive officer (CEO), titled superintendent. In concert with the superintendent, the Board establishes priorities for governance. The superintendent and district administration have formulated operational policies and procedures designed to best service the district’s mission and vision. The Board governs by setting goals for the district, establishing policies to affect those goals, and approving a budget, all so that the superintendent has clear guidance in running the district.

The operational policies listed here align with the district’s mission, vision, strategic plan and values, stated below:

  • Integrity: We value authenticity, high courage, honest character, conviction and trust.

  • Respect: We value diversity, kindness, compassion and fostering a sense of belonging.

  • Connection: We value working collaboratively, empathy and building relationships.

  • Growth: We value challenge, a growth mindset, continuous learning and  persistent hope.

  • Excellence: We value modeling high expectations, stretching for optimal achievement, and results.

At any given time, these policies may be in a state of review. Any questions regarding operational policies or Board governance should be directed to Vicki Wood, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.