Through carpet time, children discover the world through books, engage in math and science activities, and learn about each other.

Children also participate in various learning centers throughout their time in preschool. Each center encourages social, emotional, and academic growth through fun activities.

  • Art Center: Be creative and express yourself

  • Library: Relax and enjoy books of your choice

  • Writing Center: Learn to communicate through exploring and developing pre-writing skills

  • Blocks: Create, imagine, and problem solve while learning and developing motor skills

  • Science Center: Explore, discover, and spark your curiosity

  • Dramatic Play: Pretend, imagine, and role play while developing communication and social skills

  • Toys and Games:  Develop social skills and problem solve

  • Math Center: Develop cognitive and fine motor skills

  • Music and Movement: Discover culture, expression, rhythm, and build motor skills

  • Puppet Center: Pretend and imagine while developing communication skills

  • Snack Time: Self-help and nutrition

  • Listening Center: Listening, pre-reading, stories and a love for books

2023-24 Class Times


Morning Class (Multiage)

Afternoon Class (PreK)

Bear Creek Elementary School


8:30 to 11:15

12:00 to 3:45

Lewis-Palmer Elementary School


8:20 to 11:05

11:50 am to 3:35 pm

Ray E. Kilmer Elementary School


8:30 to 11:15

12:00 to 3:45