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Submitting Nonmedical Immunization Exemptions is Now an Annual Requirement for Colorado Public School Students

Attention D38 parents,

Are you aware that starting in 2016, the state of Colorado made changes regarding the reporting requirements for nonmedical (religious and personal belief) immunization exemptions? All current nonmedical immunization exemptions on file with a school will expire on June 30th of each year.  Parents are now required to file exemptions annually online with the Colorado Department if Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) or download an exemption form from their website, complete, sign and provide to the school at the start of the school year. Students of families who fail to provide updated exemption information annually online or to their student's school will be considered noncompliant with their immunization status for the current school year and shall be denied attendance at school until their immunizations are brought up to date and an updated record is provided to school or the exemption process has been completed. The school district is mandated to provide rates of noncompliance and exemption for school required immunizations to the CDPHE on December 1 of each year. Exemptions may be submitted online on July 1 or hard copy exemption forms can be downloaded at the following link. For more information about school immunization requirements for the state of Colorado click here.  For any questions, please contact your student's school nurse.