EFlyers - Peachjar

Why Electronic Flyers?

Costs for schools continue to rise, while at the same time state budget cuts and fiscal challenges require school districts to find ways to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs without impacting critical resources and programs. As part of our efforts to maintain fiscal responsibility and be more environmentally friendly, we will now use the Peachjar digital flyer delivery system. E-flyers will be emailed directly to parents as well as be accessible via school websites.

This system allows school districts to save money, reduce administrative burden, and prevent millions of pieces of paper from winding up in landfills every year by delivering digital flyers directly to your inbox - no more hoping they come home in a heavy backpack.

Families will receive timely information about important school-approved programs such as SAT Prep Class, Foreign Exchange opportunities, soccer, Girl Scouts, college savings plans, and more.

Peachjar is simple and fun to use - you will receive weekly emails with the latest flyers. One click in your email will allow you to 'Sign Up' for programs and events. Login information will be sent to you when LPSD launches Peachjar.

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