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School Hours

  • Main Office: 7:00 to 3:30
    Attendance Office: 7:15 to 3:15
    Class Time: 7:40 to 2:52
    Unless otherwise stated, all hours are Monday through Friday.

Ranger Facts

  • Lewis-Palmer High School

    • Nine-time John Irwin School of Excellence Award Recipient including 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017
    • 21 AP course options
    • 70% percent of the students who took an AP exam scored 3 or higher
    • Project Lead the Way National Certification, offering Engineering and Biomedical courses
    • 94% Graduation Rate
    • 2015 Colorado State Teacher of the Year Kathy Thirkell

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LPHS Celebrations

  • Dear High School

  • Ms. Gregory Wins Teacher Of the Year

  • Student Athletes Sign National Letters of Intent

  • Brian Barkey Wins Coach of the Year

  • Lucido Wins VFW Award

  • LPHS Honors Band

  • 2020 NAMM award

      LPHS Announcements

      • Home games will be livestreamed

        on the RangerMedia YouTube channel

        For a full listing of sports please check the athletic calendar

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      • What's Going On the Week of February 28, 2021

        As we approach almost a year mark when COVID turned our world upside down, we share an additional change. This week I asked a few students how the past year has changed their perspective and they shared insightful and reflective responses regarding: how much more they appreciate social interaction with peers, how they no longer take for granted the health and support of their families, and that COVID has helped them clarify priorities. As adults, we can learn a great deal from the reflective and resilient nature of our youth. Please know that I understand how hard this new change may be. The greatest strength we have in this community is the value of community itself. We all want what is best for our students, and sometimes it is difficult to balance different needs. Please read our attempt to address some common questions about the phased in return to learn. I will also be available at Parent Teacher Conferences, Thursday March 4, 4-8pm if you would like to discuss concerns in person.

        In closing, I am resharing an excerpt of mine from April 2020:

        One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown talks about the importance of assuming that everyone you meet is doing the best they can. I must admit that when I first read this, I was thinking about many exceptions to that premise (or at least my limited belief in the idea that this would always be true.) When Brene and her husband wrestled with this notion, her husband replied, “I don’t think you can ever know for certain. But I do know that my life is better when I work from the assumption that everyone is doing the best that they can.” During this difficult time I find myself being drawn to Brene’s (and her husband’s) challenge. 

        Hang in there, even a full year later,  under the circumstances I truly believe that all of our staff, students and families are doing the best that we can. Together we can do this! We are LP!


        • Why a phased in approach? (9th and 10th grade students back March 8, all students return March 29)
          • Provides a more thoughtful, cautious return that honors the concern expressed by many students and families
          • LPHS still has a significant number of students currently quarantined 
          • Allows LPHS to evaluate processes and provides time to make adjustments if necessary:
            • Classroom seating and logistics 
            • All school entry/exit and lunch periods
            • Allows adequate time for staff to track numbers and re-evaluate before Spring Break if absolutely necessary
            • Provide additional data regarding positive cases and associated quarantines which guides future decision-making
        • Why are 9th and 10th grade students back first?
            • Younger students are struggling most with being out of building - allow students to adjust
            • Honor the feedback that many 11th and 12th grade students prefer the rhythm of a hybrid schedule 
        • Why change the schedule before break?
          • Allow continuity by providing a hybrid schedule until spring break.
          • All students and staff have time to “reset” after spring break due to vacation
        • How will attendance be handled?
          • LPHS believes that in-person learning is the best option for most students, but allows synchronous learning for extenuating circumstances as a result of quarantines, illness, or concerns about personal health.  
          • We acknowledge that although every attempt will be made for synchronous students to receive the same content and skills as their in-person counterparts, there can be limitations to learning in different disciplines or courses.  For example, performance based learning, hands-on learning, and social learning from peers may not be replicated through synchronous instruction.
          • Students are considered present either in person or when engaged synchronously.
        • How can the community support this return?
          • Emphasize the need to take care of one another- the LP family
          • Students and staff- Do your part:
            • Don’t come to school with any of the symptoms or if exposed to a COVID positive person
            • Reduce chance of exposure outside of school
            • Practice safety (Mask, distance and hand washing)
            • Support classroom and school seating and distance recommendations
        • Please access this March Schedule for a visual representation.
        • Please read and discuss these details with your students: Guidelines for 100% Return.

        • Monday March 1 is the deadline for Concurrent Enrollment Information for 2021-22 School Year.
        • Parent Teacher Conferences:
          • March 4, 4-8 pm 
          • Teachers will send information out to all parents and students by March 1st. 
          • We are planning for in person conferences, 15 min or less in teachers’ classrooms and we encourage students to attend the conferences alongside parents.
          • Please complete and bring with you the Symptom Tracker sheet, and make sure to wear a mask.


        Mon Mar 1: Orange Day

        • Cohort A - In the Building
        • Cohort B - Synchronous Learning Orange Day
        • Registration Make-up

        Tue Mar 2: Orange Day

        • Cohort A - Synchronous Learning Orange Day
        • Cohort B - In the Building
        • Registration Make-up

        Wed Mar 3: Black Day

        • Cohort A - In the Building
        • Cohort B - Synchronous Learning Black Day

        Thu Mar 4: Black Day 

        • Cohort A - Synchronous Learning Black Day
        • Cohort B -  In the Building
        • Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00pm - 8:00pm

        Fri Mar 5: Flex Friday


        Coming Attractions

        Mon Mar 8: Orange Day

        • 9 & 10 Cohort A & B - In the Building
        • 11 & 12 Cohort A - In the Building
        • 11 & 12 Cohort B - Synchronous Learning Orange Day

        Tue Mar 9: Orange Day

        • 9 & 10 Cohort A & B - In the Building
        • 11 & 12 Cohort A - Synchronous Learning Orange Day
        • 11 & 12 Cohort B - In the Building
        • Girls Swim & Dive fundraiser - Chick-Fil-A drive thru

        Wed Mar 10: Black Day

        • 9 & 10 Cohort A & B - In the Building
        • 11 & 12 Cohort A - In the Building
        • 11 & 12 Cohort B - Synchronous Learning Orange Day

        Thu Mar 11: Black Day 

        • 9 & 10 Cohort A & B - In the Building
        • 11 & 12 Cohort A - Synchronous Learning Orange Day
        • 11 & 12 Cohort B - In the Building

        Fri Mar 12: Flex Friday


        Spring assessment season is right around the corner.  Here are a few dates that we would like to be aware of as we move forward.  Details and necessary paperwork for each grade level will be sent out during the week.

        • SAT - 11th Grade - April 13
        • PSAT 8/9 - 9th Grade - Wed April 14 
        • PSAT 10 - 10th Grade - April 15
        • CMAS - Science - 11th Grade only - April 19-30



        LP Girls Swim and Dive continues to remain undefeated with a recent PPAC (Pikes Peak Athletic Conference):

        1st Place: LPHS - 753 

        2nd Place: Rampart - 626

        3rd Place: Cheyenne Mountain - 528

        GO RANGERS!!!!


        A Note from theYearbook staff

        The yearbook staff has a request that we'd love for you to think about. We are busy putting together the 100TH VOLUME of the Westwind Yearbook and we want to feature as many students as possible.
        If you would be willing to complete the form below, it would help us so much!
        We need students to submit one photo and three paragraphs about their lives/passions/projects this year via this google form: Google Form Link

        THANK YOU for helping us make this history book capture our students' lives at this moment in time




        Student Services Section


        • Any families interested in the Online high school program for next fall, please contact Dawn Klein at dklein@lewispalmer.org
        • Link to College Board BigFuture Days Virtual College Fairs.
        • Cosmetology program
          • Juniors and Seniors that are interested in pursuing a career field in Cosmetology can apply to the International Salon and Spa Academy (ISSA). Classes follow a typical five-day week schedule and are held at ISSA from 8:30 AM  - 11:30 AM.  Students return to LPHS in time for 2nd lunch and then take a 4th/8th-period class. High-School credits are earned in English, Math, Science, and electives. 
          • ISSA is hosting a virtual Information Night on Thursday, February 25th from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. The zoom
            meeting code is here ISSA Zoom code  Any student that is planning to apply for ISSA should attend the meeting. The LPSD ISSA applications will be available in Student Services starting on Monday, March 1st and they are due on March 19th. 
        • Career Start - If you are planning to apply for the Career Start program for the 2021-2022 school year, the deadline is extended until Monday due to the snow day. If you still need to get an application, they are available in Student Services and available on the LPHS webpage (family resources, counseling, career start - listed with the documents at the bottom of the page). If you have any questions, you can send me an email  rhudson@lewispalmer.org 

        School Social Worker's personal wellness and family resources

        As a school psychologist, Mrs. A supports students' ability to learn and teachers' ability to teach. Her role supports mental health, learning, and behavior, to help youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  https://www.lewispalmer.org/Page/5232

        SRO - School Resource Officer Chad Wheat CWheat@lewispalmer.org 


        COVID and Distance Learning Information


        Technology needs:


        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Volunteer Needed

        Do you love to host functions, organize gatherings, and bring joy to teachers and staff?  We Need You!!!

        We need a wonderful parent volunteer to take over as our Hospitality Coordinator. If you are interested or have questions please contact Amanda Verrie at averrie@lewispalmer.org or 719-488-6186.


        Online High School 

        (for online students only, not hybrid students)

        Please see the LINK for this week’s information

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      • Registration Information - current LPHS students

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      • Flex Friday Expectations
        Please note the expectations and plan for Flex days
        This week in particular, teachers will be reaching out to students who missed any class periods (in building or synchronous) or could benefit from support and instruction. 
        Please have students check in with their individual teachers if they have questions.
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      • District 38 COVID Dashboard

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      • Reference Information

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      • Sunday Message Links

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      • All Things Senior Year

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      District Announcements

      • Fourth Annual Aliorum De Awards

      • Grace Best Facility Master Plan Updates

      • Preschool/PreK Enrollment for 2021-2022

      • D38 Refunding Bonds Series 2020 OS

      • Become a D38 substitute teacher today!

      • LP and PR ranked as top high schools in Colorado

      • D38 Receives Financial Award 2020

      • Sign-up for text messaging

      • D38 COVID-19 Resources page