Passion Projects

Genius Hour / Passion Projects

Grades 3-6


Due Dates:

Friday May 17 (3rd & 4th grade) 10:45-12:15

Wednesday, May 22 (5th & 6th grade) 10:00-11:30


Research Materials: 

The Notetaking Booklet and Planning Packet are available on your student's Google Drive & Google Classroom accounts. 


Accessing Google Accounts:

Search "Google Sign In" on your device. 

Username: student's school email (

Password: (student created)



1. Research topic (creating research questions, taking notes and citing sources)
2. Create an end product (poster, slide show, video, model, etc)
3. Presentation (3-4 min)


Not Graded: 

Students will self-assess their work using the Rubric in the Planning Packet.



Contact Mrs. Mechtly at

or Mrs. Miranowski at


Google Slides Tutorial

Passion Project Parent Letter

Genuis Hour / Passion Project Packet