22-23 Inclement Weather Dismissal

Inclement Weather Dismissal

*Please return your Early Dismissal Form to your child's classroom teacher as soon as possible.  We do not have the ability to call all parents, so this information is critical.

*If it is raining or lightning, our dismissal will look a little different as we keep all students inside.

Walkers/Bike Rider Information

*We would ask parents to please wait outside a few feet from the door to help our visibility if you are picking up a walker/bike rider.

*If you have a kindergartener or first grader who is a walker/bike rider and has an older sibling, please pick up the kinder or first grader on the east side, before coming to the front to pick up the sibling.

*We are going to group the students by letter of the alphabet so families stay together.

*We will ask parents their students' last name and we will find your students and send them out to you.

*We realize some students need to walk/ride home regardless of the weather.  We will be holding them until the lightning passes.

**We are unable to release children to neighbors without your permission.

Car Line Information

*Whether you pick up your car rider on east or west side, the procedure is the same.  Staff members will walk from car to car, asking for your last name, and then they will walkie into the school where children are safely waiting.  Your child will be sent out as soon as it is safe.