Tri-Lakes Women's Club awards six grants throughout LPSD

Tri-Lakes Women's Club awards grants to LPSD

The Tri-Lakes Women's Club awarded nearly $25,000 in grants to schools and programs throughout LPSD. The award recipients are Kilmer Innovation Team, Art Ceramics Program, Peer Tutoring Center, BCES Preschool Toys, PLES GT Garden, LPHS Band Chairs, and the Adapted Swim Program. 

Thank you, Tri-Lakes Women's Club, for making a difference in our schools and the community.

2019-2020 Grant 1804 Tri Lakes Women's

Amount          Name

$ 2,397.48      Tri Lakes/Kilmer Innovation Team Drew Francis
$ 2,524.96      Tri Lakes/Art Ceramics Program
$ 3,733.00      Tri Lakes/Peer Tutoring Center
$ 1,573.20      Tri Lakes/BCES Preschool Toys Belle Hendricks
$ 9,465.00      Tri Lakes/PLES GT Garden Nancy Roberts
$ 3,500.00      Tri Lakes/LPHS Band Chairs
$ 1,500.00      Tri Lakes Swim/Dena Sikole