February 2019 Thoughtexchange results



February 2019 Thoughtexchange results

The results from D38’s February Thoughtexchange event are now available.


Thank you to all who participated. We asked the question, “What are some important ways Lewis-Palmer School District 38 can build trust and ensure confidence?” These are the top five thoughts which received the highest overall ratings:

  1. First of all, I appreciate the teachers and their efforts with my grandchildren. Teaching surely is a gift that should be acknowledged and supported.
  2. Be sure to separate issues. Combining funds for the charter school and the public school on the same ballot does not seem transparent.
  3. Ensure the School Board gives equal attention and funding to ALL district schools, not just to the loudest constituents. Monument Academy is a great school - but it doesn’t deserve special consideration above any other D38 school. All our schools are equally important.
  4. Respect the professionalism of our amazing teachers, and start supporting what is best for student learning. The bickering that is happening between some people and the board has nothing to do with our what our students need for learning.
  5. We need to continue to prove the need and show the impact of a lack of funding. Until people realize how many students and families will be impacted, the negative and false information spread via social media will win out.


Top themes included board feedback, communication/transparency, and funding and finances.


We will be looking at this feedback and incorporating many of these ideas. You may continue accessing information regarding D38 on our website. Recently, we have made improvements to our website and will continue updating it and making improvements over the next few weeks. You may access all the Thoughtexchange results and the interactive tools by clicking here


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