See the calendar for event details

See the calendar date for these event details for 6th Grade Band members

Nov. 7   RKES Veteran's Day Assembly 

Nov. 7   LPES Veteran's Day Assembly 

Nov. 12   PWES Veteran's Day Assembly 

Dec 12   D38 6th Grade Band Winter Concert 

March 9   D38 6th Grade CBA Band Festival 

April  21   D38 6th Grade Band Spring Concert

April 29 TBA exact  time, CHSAA Large Group judged festival at nglewood High School


Extra Credit Band Concert Observations

all begin at 7:00 pm and are free unless otherwise noted.

Turn in a program with your name and 3 complete sentences about what you saw and heard.

D38 weather closures cancel all evening activities.


Nov. 19 LPHS/PRHS Jazz Band Concert at Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, Palmer Lake ( *$)

Dec. 10 LPHS Holiday Concert

Dec. 11 PRHS Holiday Concert

Dec. 16 LPMS band concert at LPHS


Jan.16  PRHS Band Concert

Jan. 28 LPHS/PRHS/LPMS/MA Combined concert at LPHS

Feb. 25  LPHS Band Concert

Feb. 26 PRHS Band Concert


March 19 D38/D12 Honors Recital at LPHS

April 14 LPHS/PRHS Band Concert at LPHS, *7:30 pm

April 15 LPMS band Concert at PRHS

May 12 PRHS Pops Concert at PRHS, LPHS pops concert at LPHS

May 18 LPMS Band Concert at PRHS


Other band/orchestra concerts in the area are also eligible for the same extra credit assignment as long as they include Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments.