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Using the Calendar as a Visitor to the Website

When visitors to the website open a calendar, they see the calendar that they have selected. By setting a custom calendar view, visitors can tailor their calendar views to their needs so that they see all the events that they wish to see on one calendar. 

Here are ways you can customize your calendar:

  • Create Custom Calendar View. Mandatory events from the main site will display on all calendars regardless.
  • Manage Calendar Event Categories in Custom View. Users have the ability to determine which categories they want or do not want to see.
  • Printing a Calendar Page or a Single Event

Click here for detailed instructions

Using the Calendar as a Registered User

All visitors who view a calendar on your website have access to these features:

  • Display a calendar using Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and List views
  • View Calendar Categories, and identify what each represents
  • Utilize iCal
  • Include events from other calendars
  • Print an event or a calendar
  • Export a single event or a group of events

Registered users (those who have a login and password) have access to these additional features:

  • View right-protected events
  • Register for events
  • Review and manage their event registrations
Once you have registered for an event, My Events will display in the top right of any calendar.
  • You must be signed in to access this information.
  • To access My Events, click My Events and then the View My Events window will display.

Click here for detailed instructions