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These are the various ways you are eligible to receive website content updates.


E-Alerts are messages sent to you (as a registered user) by staff at your School District. You may elect to receive E-Alerts either

 as an email message or as a Short Message Service (SMS) text message sent to your mobile phone.
  • Email is the default setting for all registered users.
  • To set up or modify your text message alerts, go to your MyAccount/Edit Account Settings/E-Alert Settings.


There are two types of E-Alerts you can receive:

Broadcast E-Alerts:

  • These are typically sent to groups of registered users and contain information such as newsletters, emergency closings, cancellations, meeting notices, and the like.

Content E-Alerts:

  • When you subscribe to a Content E-Alert, you are subscribing to the whole section. A section means all the pages belonging to a teacher or area.
  • When content on one of the pages within the section to which you have subscribed is updated, you will receive an email notification alerting you to check the page. The email contains a link that you click to navigate directly to the subscribed area.
    • For example, you might subscribe to your School District’s homepage or to the section of your child’s teacher.  
    • If anything is changed, added, or deleted on that page, you are notified that a change has occurred.

Managing Your E-Alerts:

To select or modify the areas of the website to which you want to subscribe...
  • Go to your MyAccount/Edit Account Settings/Subscriptions (in the bottom navigation menu).  
  • Click Manage Subscriptions button, toward the bottom of the page.  
  • Click the Sites or Other Areas to subscribe to individual website sections.
    • If you click Other Areas, you can further narrow your search by school and by area (a specific sport, teacher, activity, etc.) using the drop-down menus.
  • You may select multiple areas to receive notifications at this time.
  • Click the "I'm Done." button. 

Please Note: When you elect to subscribe to a teacher's page, you will receive notifications for any changes that occur on any or all of the teacher's webpages. If you would rather receive notifications for changes regarding specific content on one or more of any teacher's pages, please follow the directions below regarding the Follow Button. You may "follow" multiple chunks of information on any number of pages throughout the district.

Follow Button

Certain content/areas on webpages (i.e. Resources on a teacher's webpage, a calendar on a teacher's webpage, Announcements on various pages, etc.) throughout the School District have Follow Buttons

Clicking the Follow Button allows registered users to be notified when the content of this specific area is changed.

  • This notification will show up in your Dashboard, not as an email or text message.
  • However, the teacher or editor may elect to send email/text message notifications to all "followers" when he/she updates this content.

Section Memberships

With Section Membership, students are added (by a staff member) as members to their teacher or classroom sections. A teacher's section includes his/her profile page, schedule page, and all classroom pages. As a section member, you can customize your Dashboard to receive notifications for all changes within this section. (See MyView/Dashboard for these directions. Or click HERE.)
  • Elementary Students (PK-6) - These students will automatically be added as section members to their classroom teachers' pages.
  • Secondary Students (7-12) - These students will not be automatically added as section members to their classroom teachers' pages.
    • Secondary teachers teach multiple levels. If students were added to these sections, they would receive notifications for all the classes that each teacher teaches.
    • We recommend that secondary students find the information that is important to them and FOLLOW it (see directions above).