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What Support Services are Available?

Child Find - Lewis-Palmer School District 38 is responsible for finding all students who may have educational disabilities between the ages of birth and 21. When children below age three are suspected of having disabilities, families may contact The Resource Exchange (TRE) or the Administration Building. A collaborative team composed of district and community professionals perform free evaluations and determines eligibility for services. When eligibility is determined, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed and families are linked with various community services. Evaluations are conducted by a collaborative team composed of the district staff. Students who are eligible for services will typically be served by the programs located in the Lewis-Palmer School district. For students age six through 21, this service is coordinated by each individual school. For children ages 3-5 who are suspected of having disabilities, families should contact the Administration Building at (719) 488-4700; more information is available on the Child Find page.

Adapted Physical Education is available on an as-needed basis.  Individualized programs are developed for students with disabilities in order to increase physical fitness and to improve fundamental motor skills.  It is typically on a consult basis with the regular PE teacher. More information is available on the Adapted PE page.

Audiology Services - The audiologist provides individual testing and diagnosis of auditory processing disorders and hearing impairment.  A routine hearing screening is provided in each building and student needs are monitored.

Nursing Services - School nurses provide education, assessment, and health services to protect and promote the health of all students in order to maximize each child's potential to learn and grow. See the Health Services page for more information.

Motor Services - Occupational and Physical therapists provide consultation and inservice training to staff and parents in order to assist students in their classrooms and at home.  They work individually or in small groups with students who have significant needs in areas of motor functioning and development.

Psychological Services - School psychologists participate in the evaluation and identification of students with disabilities.  They interpret diagnostic information; consult with students, parents, teachers, and administrators, and provide intervention alternatives for students in their classrooms.

Speech/Language Services - Speech language specialists evaluate students communication skills.  They provide individual and small group instruction for students with identified speech disorders or specific language disabilities.  They also provide consultation and expertise in selecting and implementing the use of augmentative/alternative communication systems for students who have limited verbal skills.

Transportation - Special education students attending their home school are transported via regular bus routes.  Students with physical disabilities and those receiving services in a centralized location are transported by the district according to individual need. More information is available on the Transportation page.