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How D38 mill rates compare to area districts

School funding is intricate in every state, but Colorado is unique in comparison to other states. Why is that? According to Colorado Succeeds, the state funds its schools through a mix of local, state, and federal dollars Its current school funding formula is not only dated (last updated in 1994) but extremely complicated based on a number of related amendments and bills.

The D38 mill rate is lower than many other Colorado school districts.

  • For 2018 property taxes, Tri-Lakes area residents paid taxes towards education at a rate of 0.044068
  • This is lower than neighboring districts, for comparison, please see Summary of EPCO Tax Information chart below
  • Tri-Lakes area residents pay a lower mill rate and D38 receives a smaller percentage due to this
  • There are vast inequities in how Colorado funds its schools, with per-pupil spending varying drastically across districts.

LPSD's mill/tax rate has decreased annually since 2012 and is illustrated in the Summary chart below. The El Paso County Treasurer provides information regarding Mill Levies for local school districts at

Summary of EPCO Tax information