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Estimated Construction Costs

LPSD currently has two buildings originally built and designed to support grades 6 to 8 following a middle school educational program model. The first is at Lewis-Palmer Middle School, which was built in 1994 and has a program capacity of 850 students. The second is Creekside Middle School, which was built in 2001 and has a program capacity of 925 students. Creekside Middle School was repurposed into Bear Creek Elementary School in 2010 following the recession. Lewis-Palmer Middle School currently serves grades 7 and 8.

Today, the most critical overcrowding resides at the middle school level. To address this, LPSD is proposing to repurpose both Lewis-Palmer Middle School and Creekside Middle School back to their original designs and education program models of serving grades 6 through 8, which would be paid for by the district. In order for this to happen, LPSD would need to build the previously planned PK-5 elementary school, holding 650 students, at the Jackson Creek site. 

Estimated costs for the potential elementary school