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Grace Best Facts

Lewis-Palmer School District’s December ThoughtExchange event provided much useful data. For example, it revealed that there are a lot of misconceptions about the former Grace Best Elementary School building; therefore, we are sharing a few facts:
• The original part of the building was built in 1958 by the US Air Force. An addition was completed in 1987.
• Over the years, D38 has used the building as a high school, middle school, and elementary school. It currently houses the D38 Home School Enrichment Academy, the district Transitions Program, PRHS Bearbotics Team, and the science kit work area.
• The facility is consistently used by D38 schools (AP testing, team practices, etc.) and the community (Kiwanis North Pole Arts and Craft Fair, sports events, etc.).
• The D38 Long-Term Facilities Planning Committee and two architectural firms researched and determined that remodeling the building to serve as an elementary school was not a wise fiscal choice, nor is the location aligned with the area’s new home density.
• Monument Academy considered using the building and decided to pursue other options.
• Asbestos in the building has been isolated. D38 maintains state compliance with inspections of the building every six months by state and regulatory inspectors.
• The school board has had numerous conversations about how to best utilize the property and continues to consider options. In the meantime, D38 will continue utilizing Grace Best in its current capacity as it houses important district programs and provides valuable community space.
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 Grace Best Exterior
(Grace Best exterior)
(First day at Home School Enrichment Academy 2018)
PRHS Bearbotics Team
(Palmer Ridge High School Bearbotics Team)