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What About Marijuana Tax Money?

Many Colorado residents wonder about marijuana tax money when it comes to funding schools. The Colorado Department of Education distributes marijuana funds through BEST grants. From the CDE website: "The first forty million dollars received and collected from the excise tax on retail marijuana earned annually from the recreational marijuana industry is transferred into the BEST Program Assistance Fund. May 2015 marked the first grant cycle to utilize these revenues." How the marijuana tax revenue distributed

D38 received a BEST grant of over $200,000 for the new roof at Palmer Lake Elementary School. D38 had to match these funds.

Resources regarding marijuana money are below.

Grassroots St. Vrain provides updated information on how education funding works in Colorado. They fact check with school district leaders, the Colorado Legislative Council, and the Colorado School Finance Project.


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Pot Revenue graphic  

 (From Chris Stiffler of the Colorado Fiscal Institute's presentation on Colorado's School Finance Simplified)

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