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2018 Failed MLO/Bond Information

"I hope we can focus on what brings us together rather than what divides us. Ultimately, I believe we all want the very best for the students in our community. The passion for solutions is what we will focus on as we move forward," wrote D38 Superintendent Karen Brofft following December's ThoughtExchange event.

The failed Bond and MLO proposal from 2018 motivated D38's decision to host a ThoughtExchange event for the community to provide feedback about what needed to be learned from the election outcome. The event provided D38 with a great deal of insight and information, including misconceptions about the former Grace Best Elementary School Building. The facility currently houses the D38 Home School Enrichment Academy, the district Transitions Program, PRHS Bearbotics Team, and the science kit work area.

Asbestos in the building has been isolated and is maintained with state compliance inspections. The board has had numerous conversations about how to best utilize the property and those conversations will continue.

Another insight learned from December's ThoughtExchange event was that last year's bond language was not very clear. The Board of Education has assured that this year's bond will include clear and specific language stating the bond funds will be spent only on a single new school; any additional costs will be paid for by D38.