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Lewis-Palmer Middle School Overcrowding

With continued growth and future enrollment, overcrowding has brought challenges to most Lewis-Palmer schools. The impact felt at Lewis-Palmer Middle School is profound. 

LPMS staff no longer have a staff lounge or private bathroom, as they have repurposed their lounge and the principal's office into usable classrooms, conference rooms, etc., in order to accommodate students' needs. As of February 2019, there are 891 students enrolled at Lewis-Palmer Middle School. The school was originally designed with a programming capacity of 850 students, currently putting the school over capacity. Programming numbers are determined by the needs of current students (Special Ed, EL, etc). This means there is an average of 30 students per academic classroom. Some exploratory classes have as many as 35-40 students per class. 

Due to the number of students at LPMS, some students eat lunch as early as 10:40 a.m.  During a recent meeting to discuss a petition to expand Monument's town limits, the Monument Board of Trustees addressed the issue of overcrowded classrooms in D38. “It’s no surprise that we have a struggling school district in regards to the growth we’ve seen here in our community,” said Monument Board of Trustees member Greg Coopman. “The continued growth in Monument has resulted in larger class sizes and, in many instances, additional strain on students and teachers,” said D38 Board President Matthew Clawson in an email to the Tribune.

LPSD is expected to enroll 693 additional students over the next five years, according to 2019 Metrostudy projections. The middle school is currently over capacity and many of our elementary schools are nearing capacity. Returning Bear Creek Elementary back to a second middle school would greatly alleviate current capacity and class size issues. 

Continuing to provide top-rated education programs to students is the priority for both D38 and the Board of Education. 


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