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LPSD Enrollment Data

Data on the number of students enrolled in the Lewis-Palmer School District is derived from the Colorado Department of Education. Some of the data include out-of-district enrollment by school, students into LPSD, elementary out-of-district enrollment by grade level, students out of LPSD to surrounding districts, and students to other districts. The CDE collects and evaluates educational data mandated by the state General Assembly. 

The Colorado Department of Education combines Home School Enrichment enrollment in Bear Creek Elementary School for grades K-6 with HSEA grades 7-8 added to those at Lewis-Palmer Middle School. New LPSD students entering grades 1 through 12 and all incoming kindergarten students are enrolled through an online process. Preschool enrollment is paper-based.

LPSD is expected to enroll 693 additional students over the next five years, according to 2019 Metrostudy projections. The middle school is currently over programming capacity, and many of our elementary schools are nearing capacity. Returning Bear Creek Elementary back to a second middle school would greatly alleviate current capacity and class size issues. 

 LPSD Student Enrollment 2017-2019

Student Enrollment 2017-2019

Click here for the enrollment map, graphs, and complete student enrollment information. For enrollment information as of February 1, 2019, click here.