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General Information about the Gifted and Talented Education program at LPMS

The Gifted Education program at LPMS consists of several different parts.  Students identified as Gifted will be placed on an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) which addresses their specific needs as Gifted students and ways that we here at LPMS can help to meet those needs.  

Students identified as Gifted may also be placed in the elective class GT Seminar.  This course is designed to address the affective needs of gifted students (social, emotional, and interpersonal) as well as provide support in access skills such as organization, homework completion, study skills, etc.

The identification process is based on a body of evidence.  In general, students must have aptitude and/or achievement scores above the 95th percentile to be considered and then supporting evidence must be found in two of the additional three categories (Achievement, Characteristics, and Demonstrated Performance).  Our most commonly used aptitude tests are the Cognitive Abilities Test and the KBIT II and our most commonly used achievement tests are the Measures of Academic Progress by NWEA and the PARCC/CMAS.  The Characteristics category is determined through parent and teacher checklists. Demonstrated Performance is assessed through a portfolio.

Programming for Gifted students occurs in several ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Differentiation in instruction in academic classrooms
  • Acceleration of specific courses
  • Full-grade acceleration (grade-skipping)
  • Competitions designed for Gifted students
  • School-wide Enrichment opportunities such as Knowledge Bowl, Geography Bee, Clubs, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, etc.