Human Resources

Substitute Teacher Information

  • The substitute teacher list is currently open to all persons holding a Colorado Teacher License or any Substitute Authorization(s). 

    Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching in our district. To become a Substitute Teacher, you must hold a valid Colorado teaching license or Authorization to substitute teach

    Having been a teacher in Colorado previously, or having been a teacher in another state will allow you eligibility for a 5-year Substitute Authorization issued by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Having a Bachelor's degree in any field will allow you eligibility for a 3-year Substitute Authorization issued by CDE. Holding a high school diploma or its equivalent qualifies you for either a 1-year or a new 2020-2021 authorization.

    To find the CDE Substitute Teacher application, visit and follow the prompts that lead you to the appropriate licensing application. You must also have a current finger-print based background check on file with CDE

    The directions for a finger-print based background check may also be found on the CDE website at

    Once you have completed the licensing application at the CDE website, made your online payment and submitted your completed fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation per instructions, your application is considered "in process."

    As soon as your CDE credential arrives in your email inbox, you can complete the District's online employment application and a member of the Personnel Department will contact you.

    Accumulated Days Per School Year:

    • Day 1 through 45 pay $120/day (effective 1/1/2020)
    • Day 46 through 89 pay $130/day
    • Day 90+ pay $150/day 

    At the beginning of each school year, all substitute teachers on the approved list start over at zero days and $120/day.