Miss Jacqueline Townsend

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Miss Jacqueline Townsend

My belief about teaching in the classroom is to see the possibilities for success in all children. We as teachers need to treat each student as an individual learner. Get to know the students, build a relationship from day one.

I look for areas of strength and interests that will help my students have success with their learning. By finding out how they learn the best and teaching to those strengths will guide students to become successful life long learners. Some students require lots of hands on, multi sensory with repetition for learning concepts to take root in their brain. Teaching requires lots of patience, time and love from the teacher towards his/her students, but it is worth it when you see them grow in their learning.

As a teacher, everyday is a gift to touch a child’s life in a positive way. I am very conscious of how I present and carry myself around my fellow staff members and students. My demeanor is calm and rational in all situations. Life is stressful. We not only have to teach the “ ABC and 1 2 3” , we also have to teach our kids how to self advocate, be responsible/accountable and become good problem solvers. I am always conscious of the fact, we are preparing our kids how to be independent in life after they graduate from school.