Mr. Brian Barkey

Phone: (719) 867-8031


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Brian Barkey

Art Teacher, LPTV and Lewis-Palmer Boys Head Soccer Coach

Hello!  I'm looking forward to another great year teaching at Lewis-Palmer.  I have been teaching electives at LP since 2006, specializing in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, LPTV and Digital Photography.

Overall, my philosophy is to provide students with a challenging and engaging environment within which to meet their goal of graduating from our district.  I embrace the various challenges that our students present, and my hope is that my passion for teaching comes through all the various contents that I get to teach.  The one constant is that I expect all students to maximize their opportunity while in school.  

Our electives are pathways to the future for our students.  Most of my students discover a gift that they didn't realize that they had, while fueling passion for talents that they already knew about.  Humor is a massive part of why I love teaching at LP.  Laughter and joy are instrumental to brain development, and I've found that it heightens a student's interest in learning.  

The best way to contact me with questions or concerns is via email ( 

-Be positive, and respectful all LPHS faculty and staff.
-Dress according to school dress code, especially hats, and sagging for men, unacceptable amounts of exposure for women. (See student handbook)
-Use appropriate language.
-Keep cell phones out of sight - I'll let you know when you can use them (we sometimes do).
-Be Helpful! – Clean what you use, and participate in keeping our areas tidy - LPTV booth and studio, Art -Studio, Ceramics Lab or my classroom.

Remember, you are a reflection of our school, and everyone else around you.