Our Mission

  • Prairie Winds is a community of learners where all are valued and expected to succeed. Members of the Prairie Winds community - - students, staff and families - - are collectively responsible for ensuring academic, social and emotional growth for life-long learning.

Our Hopes and Dreams... (Staff Values)

  • Our school is a place where everyone has a strong sense of belonging, where all are free to express and explore creative ideas in a trusting, child-centered environment.

    We embrace academic and social excellence, thereby developing high achieving, successful students.

    We instill a sense of social responsibility in our students for their own community and for the larger world.

    We foster in students a sense of integrity and encourage them to develop self-control based on respect and responsibility.

    We use relevant information and 21st century tools that allow us to make the best instructional decisions for students.

    We work honestly, collaboratively and creatively across our community to create optimal learning for our students.

    We are guided by a common purpose -- student learning.

    Our school is a place that is filled with laughter and learning.