What is a Middle School?

  • The National Middle School Association says a middle school should provide:

    • A friendly, inviting, and academically challenging school climate.
    • Abundant opportunities to build positive relationships between and among students and teachers.
    • Small communities of learners where groups know each other well, and where learning experiences are interrelated and meaningful.
    • An enthusiastic staff that provides programs designed to help students reach their potential.
    • An environment that capitalizes on the curiosity and creativity of students and displays student projects, art work, and reports.
    • Flexible grouping of students to provide the best learning environment for students of varying abilities, interests, and rates of learning.
    • An activity program that encourages students participation in sports and interest-centered activities.
    • Extensive opportunities for students to explore, experiment, and discover.
    • A positive discipline program that guides students in becoming responsible for their own behavior.
    • Social experiences appropriate for the age level.
    • Partnership with families and communities.
    • A culture that celebrates human diversity and promotes tolerance among students and adults from diverse backgrounds.