D38's Strategic Plan: Elevating The Futures of Every Student, Every Day

  • The D38 strategic plan is comprised of five priorities, including the following:

    • Priority 1: Safe, Healthy and Welcoming Schools
    • Priority 2: World-Class Education
    • Priority 3: Value our people and commit to continuous growth
    • Priority 4: Practice fiscal stewardship and transparency
    • Priority 5: Build strong relationships through effective communication

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  • The plan's priorities are propped up by initiatives that will lead to desirable outcomes for D38. All district initiatives and actions should be able to be tied back to one element of the plan. 

    Welcoming Schools    

    Lewis-Palmer School District #38 strives to ensure every student feels safe and welcome in our school communities. We will create a healthy environment that celebrates each and every individual student. 

    • Initiative 1: We will use surveys with both students and staff to measure the perception of a welcoming and safe school climate.
    • Initiative 2: We will train and empower all staff members to engage with students and meet the needs of every student, every day.
    • Initiative 3: We will consider multiple factors when measuring student success including academic, extracurricular achievements and engagement in the school community as a whole.
    • Outcome 1: Students experience a healthy school environment.
    • Outcome 2: Staff members contribute to a safe, healthy, and positive working and learning environment.
    • Outcome 3: Students learn and grow at deep levels with respect to academic and extracurricular goals, talents, and future dispositions.

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    World-Class Education    

    Lewis-Palmer School District 38 aspires to provide every student access to a world-class education every day. This priority emphasizes enhancing programs from early childhood through high school,  including career and technical as well as college-level opportunities to prepare every student for their future success beyond high school.

    • Initiative 1: We will unify support for preschool programming district-wide. We will implement new core literacy curriculum in grades K-5.
    • Initiative 2: We will develop a portrait of a D38 graduate to support career and college readiness for every student. We will support curriculum adoption and implementation processes for secondary programs.    
    • Initiative 3: We will improve professional learning community processes across our campuses to increase collaborative instructional planning with teachers. We will develop and strengthen our induction programs to support new teachers and leaders in the profession.
    • Outcome 1: We will provide high-quality early education programs for every student.
    • Outcome 2: We will provide secondary pathways for every student's future success.
    • Outcome 3: We will enhance professional development opportunities for staff to increase student learning.

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    Value Our People & Grow    

    Lewis-Palmer School District 38 commits to be a choice employer where our employees feel valued and there are opportunities for continuous growth.

    • Initiative 1: We will analyze our current state, share analysis with and engage the community, co-develop a desired state and engage the community.
    • Initiative 2: We will utilize behaviors that commit to demonstrating respect, creating transparency, listening and extending trust.
    • Initiative 3: We will develop a recognition program to highlight employees who demonstrate that they support every student, every day.
    • Outcome 1: Develop sustainable and competitive compensation plans for teachers and all staff.
    • Outcome 2: We will cultivate a working environment that yields high levels of employee performance.
    • Outcome 3: We will enhance employee recognition and appreciation opportunities.    

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    Fiscal Stewardship and Transparency

    Business Services personnel, along with Administrative staff, seek to operate in a fiscally responsible manner, while complying with applicable regulations and board policies.  Additionally, we seek input from all stakeholders and provide clarity and transparency in financial transactions and reporting.

    • Initiative 1: Monthly financial reports will include: Expenditure reports by location and program as well as Budget to Actual comparisons.
    • Initiative 2: The Financial Advisory Committee will serve as a community liaison and advocate for financial initiatives that best serve D38 students.
    • Initiative 3: Stakeholder surveys and public forums will help inform discussions about how the district is funded and how resources are allocated to best serve our students and staff.
    • Outcome 1: Budget and financial reports are available for viewing on the district website and through BoardDocs.
    • Outcome 2: A Financial Advisory Committee will be formed and will meet three to four times per school year.
    • Outcome 3: We will actively seek stakeholder input on financial matters such as the use of Covid Grant funds and staff compensation.

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    Relationships & Communication

    Our connection to our community is vital, and our community is diverse. We will build relationships with our families, students, residents, staff members and more as we tell the D38 story and commit to transparency.

    • Initiative 1: Our community will feel a better understanding of what goes on in D38, which we will measure through surveys.
    • Initiative 2: A website, along with marketing materials, will be created to speak to and market our strategic plan.
    • Initiative 3: We will understand how our community perceives us through personal conversations and other means of measuring perception.
    • Outcome 1: D38 will develop new tools and initiatives to tell stories about our accomplishments, people and strengths.
    • Outcome 2: A brand will be developed and communicated around our strategic plan, aligning our entire organization.
    • Outcome 3: The D38 community will be engaged in relationship-building initiatives, and a baseline understanding of our perception will be achieved.

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