Strategic Vision

  • Shared Vision - D38 will provide a world-class education for every student’s future success.

    D38 Strategic Plan Goals and Priority Work 

    Goal - Cultivate safe, healthy, and welcoming school environments

    1. Invest in and maintain physically secure school campuses
    2. Create comprehensive health and wellness systems and supports for all students
    3. Ensure comprehensive crisis planning and emergency preparedness for any situation
    4. Ensure equitable, diverse, and culturally responsive learning environments
    5. Prioritize a feeling of welcomeness and inclusivity for all students and families 

    Goal - Ensure high-quality instruction and relevant educational experiences for all students

    1. Further our ongoing commitment to educating the whole-child
    2. Strengthen responsive teaching and learning environments that meet the needs of all students
    3. Promote, enhance, and coach high-quality instructional practices
    4. Embrace and prioritize innovation to help our students become “future-ready”
    5. Customize multiple pathways toward postsecondary success 

    Goal - Deepen our professional learning culture and shared commitments to continuous growth

    1. Develop sustainable and competitive compensation plans for teachers and all staff
    2. Promote a district culture committed to clearly defined core values and shared commitments
    3. Cultivate a working environment that yields high levels of employee performance
    4. Support staff with meaningful and systemic professional learning opportunities
    5. Enhance employee recognition and appreciation opportunities 

    Goal - Ensure effective asset management and efficient use of resources

    1. Develop short and long-range plans for effective facility utilization
    2. Develop effective resource utilization models (e.g. staffing patterns/ratios)
    3. Explore multiple planning scenarios reflective of district’s population fluctuations
    4. Ensure collaborative budgetary development with our staff and the community
    5. Make informed decision to determine future state of Grace Best 

    Goal - Forge strong community relationships and foster effective communication with all stakeholders

    1. Prioritize partnerships with our parents in the educational process
    2. Develop and extend community outreach efforts to target and include residents (especially residents without direct ties to D38)
    3. Develop and communicate key points of district pride and values (continuous branding)
    4. Tailor and adapt messaging to all community stakeholders
    5. Promote and ensure ongoing feedback loops for internal and external stakeholders