• Congratulations to our Ranger Colorado State Track and Field track participants!


    Gift Agbo (high jump 5th place & triple jump 8th place)

    Allie Harms (4x200m relay 12th place & 4x400m relay 16th place)

    Bella McNett (4x200m relay 12th place)

    Ashley Woods (4x 200m relay 12th place & 4x400m relay 16th place)

    Clara Holland (4x 200m relay 12th place & 4x400m relay 16th place)

    Jade Allen (4x800m relay 5th place, 4x400m relay 16th place and 1600m 16th place)

    Emma Thomas (4x800m relay 5th place)

    Michaela Edelbach (4x800m relay 5th place)

    Lily Poteet (4x800m relay 5th place)

    Caleb Cox (4x800m relay)

    Lenny Tardiff (4x800m relay)

    Shep Collier (4x800 m relay)

    Brendan Johnson (4x800m relay)

    Will Bergman (400m 12th place and long jump 10th place)



    Great Work Athletes!!


    Track Sprinter


    Coach Pellow:

    The Track and Field program is the most successful athletic program in Lewis-Palmer’s history. The boys and girls have combined to earn multiple league, regional, and State Championship titles. The list of individual state champions is quite impressive. A standard of excellence has been established in the Track and Field program and the coaching staff is dedicated to helping these teams continue at a high level. We will continue this pursuit of excellence by following some of the following principles. 

    • The TEAM comes first

    • Every athlete must improve and find some measure of success during the season.

    • We demonstrate the core principles of Honesty, Respect, and Perseverance.

    • Track and Field is a disciplined sport and requires a tremendous amount of work ethic.

    • As a part of any athletic program, an athlete is not just performing for the school but for every former and future athlete at Lewis-Palmer. We are also representing your family and the Monument community.