Nutritional Services

  •  **The application for Free and Reduced Price Meals is updated and is now available. 
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  • D38 is delivering free student meals to all (online and in-person) students, regardless of eligibility, at specific pick-up locations and times (listed below).

    Free meals will be distributed between 11:00-11:30 (or until we run out of meals), Monday-Friday, at Lewis-Palmer High School. Access this drive-through service via the north side of the building, across from practice fields. Enter off of Jackson Creek Parkway

    Free meals will also be distributed at Lewis-Palmer Middle School between 11:00-11:30 and 12:10-12:40 (or until we run out of meals) at the front of the building. Follow normal traffic routes.

    D38 has provided free meals to all (online and in-person) students, regardless of eligibility, since Monday, September 21, 2020. The USDA is financing these free meals with Congressionally appropriated funding. The USDA now anticipates this funding will last through June 2021.

    A free meal must meet the component requirements set forth by CDE which includes meat/meat alternate, grains, vegetables, fruits, and fluid milk (one of the components must be fruits and/or vegetables).

    If you have questions, contact Nutrition Services (719) 488-4726.

    Beginning Tuesday, December 1, D38 busses will deliver free meals to the following locations during the 15-minute window listed:
        11:00-11:15 Monument Meadows Mobile Home Park

        11:10(15)-11:30: Kilmer Elementary School

        11:20-11:35: Century Lane/Century Place bus stop

        11:40-11:55: Palmer Lake Mobile Home park (the 795 Hwy 105 address)

        11:50-12:10: The community park in Jackson Creek (Kitchener Way and Venison Creek Drive)

        12:00-12:15: Grand View Mobile Home Park

        12:20-12:35: Palmer Lake Elementary 

        12:20-12:40: Beacon Lite apartments

    On snow days, no meals will be provided. Delayed start deliveries are TBD. More information available soon. Parents may pick-up the meals for the student without the student present. 


  • Long-Term Planning and Balanced Budgeting

    • Continue to source safe, nutritional food.
    • Maintain adequate equipment for proper, safe handling of food.

    Align with State and National Legislative trends

    • Compliance with local, federal and state audits to ensure food safety and cost reimbursement.

    Conduct regular community outreach to parents

    • Provide community meals.

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