Health Services and School Nurses

  • The goal of the Lewis-Palmer School District Health Services Department is to maintain the physical, mental, and social health of children so they can benefit maximally from their educational opportunities.

    For daily school health information, please contact the Health Clerks at each individual school.

    LPSD nurses follow a School Nurse Consultant model. The RNs do not have a set daily schedule and will be in their assigned buildings to address student needs, attend Special Education team meetings, attend IEP & 504 meetings and to take care of other responsibilities, as needed.

School Nurses

    Donna Meier, RN
    (719) 243-7997 or

    Health Clerks
    LPHS - Bernadette Stillman (719) 757-1414
    LPMS - Rebecca King (719) 867-8026

    BCES   PLES   
    Ann Colby, RN
    (719) 433-6418 or

    Health Clerks
    BCES - Nicole Prichard (719) 757-1451
    PLES - Dorothy Wilbourn (719) 757-1590

    Stacey Pearce, RN
    (719) 492-8244 or
    Health Clerks
    LPES -  Kathy Deibert (719) 757-1545
    RKES - Michelle Heins (719) 757-1848

    Annie Vandenbussche, RN 
    (719) 367-2795 or
    Health Clerks
    PRHS - Lashelle Brown (719) 867-8606
    PWES - Barb Langlois (719) 559-0800

    LPMS   District as needed
    Cathy Amhaus, LPN  
    (719) 357-3376 or

    I am so grateful to be part of the LPSD nursing team! I grew up and attended college in Northern Michigan, but Colorado has been home for the past 16 years. I have been married for 16 years, and have two boys in the Lewis-Palmer School District; one at Bear Creek Elementary and one at Lewis-Palmer Middle School. In our free time, my family can be found in various hockey rinks around Colorado, outdoors or doing anything that involves sports!

    Health Clerks
    LPMS - Rebecca King (719) 867-8026