Health Services and School Nurses

  • The goal of the Lewis-Palmer School District Health Services Department is to maintain the physical, mental, and social health of children so they can benefit maximally from their educational opportunities.

    For daily school health information, please contact the Health Clerks at each individual school.

    LPSD nurses follow a School Nurse Consultant model. The RNs do not have a set daily schedule and will be in their assigned buildings to address student needs, attend Special Education team meetings, attend IEP & 504 meetings and to take care of other responsibilities, as needed.

School Nurses

  • LPHS
    Donna Meier, RN
    (719) 757-1437 or

    Health Clerk
    LPHS - Jennifer Anderson (719) 757-1559

    BCES / PLECC/Child Find
    Ann Colby, RN

    Health Clerk

    BCES -  (719) 757-1451

    Amy Day-Homyack  
    Health Clerks

    LPES -  TBD (719) 757-1545
    PLES -  Dorothy Wilbourn (719) 757-1590

    PRHS / Transition Program
    Annie Vandenbussche, RN 
    (719) 867-8019 ext. 50932 PRHS or
    Health Clerk

    PRHS - Pascale Hartmetz (719) 867-8606

    LPMS/ HSEA / COVID Coordinator
    Kristen Lendt RN

    Health Clerk
    LPMS-John Tindall (719) 867-8026 

    District Support
    Cathy Amhaus, LPN


    Kristen Thiessen, RN  
    Health Clerks

    PWES -  Dara Candelaria (719) 757-1641 or (719) 559-0800
    RKES -  Wendy Bolko (719) 757-1848