Grace Best Education Center

  • Grace Best Education Center The school building at 66 Jefferson Street has served all grade levels and many special programs since it opened. It was originally built in 1957 as Lewis-Palmer High School, then housed middle school grades, and was later transitioned to an elementary school. It was named after Grace Best, a former first grade teacher and local children's book author, in 1985. The elementary school was relocated in 2010 as a cost-cutting measure in response to receding student enrollment and State budget cutbacks. The reconfiguration also prevented the need for extensive asbestos abatement in a portion of the structure. The asbestos has been isolated and presents no health risk to staff or to the public.

    The building is still used extensively, year-round. Student activities take place in the newer section of the structure, where asbestos is not a concern.

The Grace Best Education Center is home to several school programs:

    • Home School Enrichment Academy (HSEA): Weekly activities for homeschooled children ages Kindergarten through 8th grade. More than 90 children are enrolled, at no cost to families. See the Home School Enrichment Academy page for program and schedule details. 
    • Lewis-Palmer School District Science Center: Science lessons and equipment are distributed from this central location to classrooms throughout the district.
    • Transitions Program: Services for students with special educational needs through age 21. See the Special Education page for more information.
    • Community organizations and activities: The Grace Best Education Center is available for rental use by groups or individuals. It's gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms are booked regularly for athletic programs and special events. The Center is also home to various community events that take place throughout the year.