Preschool and Early Childhood Programs

  • Growing and Learning by Playing Together

    Laying the foundation for well-rounded, lifelong learners.

    Welcome to the Lewis-Palmer School District 3 Preschool and Early Childhood Programs where fun, exploration, and discovery are key components to nurturing the growth and development of your child. We realize that preschool is a unique and individual opportunity for each child to develop their social, emotional, language, cognitive, motor skills in a nurturing and caring environment. We believe parents are active partners in their child's education making close communication with families an integral part of our preschool program.

  • Preschool A genuine love of early childhood education radiates in each of our staff members, providing your child with a supportive, nurturing foundation to an exceptional educational career. 

    Through our program, children:

    • Learn through play-based programming
    • Develop social and emotional skills as they play and interact with each other
    • Engage in activities that support language, motor, cognitive, and social-emotional development
    • Develop a love for learning
    • Sing, move, create, etc.

    Because we:

    • Recognize each child as a unique person
    • Partner with families to give the best possible experience
    • Integrate learning to meet the needs of all students

  • Creativity   Through hands-on activities, our children develop language, fine and gross motor skills, reading and math concepts, and social skills. Preschool teachers coordinate each day's activities to ensure all areas of development are covered.


  • From our parents...

    “There is a very positive, nurturing feel to the program that was perfect for my child.”

    “My child has loved attending preschool, and he has learned so much.”

    “[My child] has loved school so much this year which warms my heart. He was able to make new friends and always seemed excited to go."