Ranger Tutoring Center

  • The RANGER TUTORING CENTER (RTC), located in the school library, partners with the LPHS National Honor Society tutors to offer all Rangers a wide variety of peer tutoring services. The RTC Corps of Tutors is highly trained and is part of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) here at LPHS.

    An RTC tutor is focused on a relational approach to empowering students to make learning decisions, advocate for themselves, and improve their own outcomes. It is modeled after resource centers on college campuses. 

    An RTC tutor can support/mentor a student for an entire semester, or simply help with a specific question in a one-time visit to the center. In addition to other layers of scaffolding, the RTC tutor can bring in an Honor Society tutor to assist with content at all levels of rigor, including AP courses. 

    Some students may be assigned to the RTC by the MTSS team. Still others might go to the RTC upon request or recommendation by a specific content teacher. Students may also self-select on a walk-in basis or by completing this  quick request form  or the QR code for the same form which is below. For the request form, you must be signed into your school account to access it.

    Upon receipt of the form, a tutor will reach out to make an appointment.

    Our main goal is to make seeking assistance and resources a Pro-Move.

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