• Providing families and students with up-to-date information is a top priority, but we understand that an overabundance of communication may feel overwhelming. With the goal of keeping communications as comprehensive, concise, and consistent as possible, we will attempt to put all necessary information into one weekly communication. In general, we try to link (in orange) for more detailed information. Please make note of the information that pertains to your family, keeping in mind that we hope to meet the needs of 1,200 families and over 100 staff. 

    Please expect to receive an email communication from LPHS each Sunday evening. If you do not receive an email or you cannot open the communication link in the email, all communications will be posted on this page for your convenience.

    We make every effort to keep our website current so the information you need is readily available. If you find broken links or gaps in the information you are seeking, please email Tara Ackerman: tackerman@lewispalmer.org