PR Student Mentoring Program (PRSM)

  • What is the PRSM Program?  A student-led, staff-supervised, peer mentoring initiative that pairs successful and mentor-trained upperclassmen with freshmen students in both group and 1-1 relationships in order to help them successfully transition to PRHS. PRSM leverages one of the most powerful – yet one of the least often used positive influences on younger students - a successful and motivated upperclassman.

    Our Mission:

    • Ease the transition to PRHS and set the conditions for increased success and assimilation by providing select freshmen the opportunity to build relationships with upperclassmen who will provide them with personal support, guidance and a positive example.
    • Train and empower upperclassmen to be change-makers in their school, community and life.

    Vision:  Select freshmen will have access to a strong peer support network in order to gain the encouragement to succeed in school, be more engaged, and make good school and life choices.  PRSM will remain small, focusing on a core group of freshmen that may benefit from an upperclassman guide and role model.

    If interested, contact the Staff Advisor, Bill Brady at: