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    7th Grade Silver Team Newsletter: Week of November 11 - 15

    After School Homework Help:  After school homework help (Monday through Thursday, 2:45 – 3:45 pm) began on August 26th with Ms. Schanke (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Mr. Johnson (Mondays and Wednesdays) in their rooms, Room 605 and Room 703, respectively.  This opportunity is a chance to receive extra support in math or just another place to complete assignments.  Please remember that it is not to be used or considered as punishment!  Please give us a heads up if you’re sending your student so we may have an idea on what they need to work.  Thanks.

    2nd Quarter Mid-Quarter Progress Notes:  Beginning Tuesday, November 12th and ending by the end of Thursday, November 14th, all teachers will post a mid-quarter progress grade as final in Infinite Campus.  The mid-quarter progress grade is an indicator of a student’s overall performance in each class half way through the quarter.  It is a current “snap-shot” indicator.  Mid-quarter progress grades are NOT mailed out.  Please check Infinite Campus for this important progress check mid-week, next week.

    No School for Students on Monday, November 11th:  There will be NO school for students on Monday, November 11th due to a staff professional development and training day.  Please enjoy the long Veteran’s Day weekend with your family!

    Next PLC Late Start:  The next 2-hour late start for staff Professional Learning Communities will be on Wednesday, November 20th.  School and busses will run two-hours later in the morning.



    Math – Mr. Johnson

    Second Quarter grades are well established in Infinite Campus.  Please be active in checking assignments and grades to avoid having your student falling behind, struggling to make up ground later.  Many students should be taking re-assessments!

    Here is a summary of both courses:

    Math-7 (1st/2nd/3rd Periods):  Chapter 3 is a shorter unit with only four lessons. Students have learned how to write and graph inequalities on a number line as well as solve and graph one-step inequalities with addition and subtraction.   Chapter 3, Quiz #1 was last Thursday.  Grades were very good and are in Infinite Campus.  Now  students are learning how to solve inequalities with multiplication and division (including the dreaded “flip rule”).  Finally, we will put it all together to solve 2-Step Inequalities by the end of the unit.  Pending favorable weather, the Chapter 3 assessment schedule should be:

                Chapter 3, Quiz #2 (Lessons 3-3 and 3-                  Fri, 11/15

                Chapter 3 Test (Lessons 3-1 to 3-4)                            Tue, 11/19

    Pre-Algebra (4th Period):  We have begun Chapter 4, Linear Equations.  We are entering the wonderful world of slope-intercept, y = mx + b!  Students have learned to understand slope and how to graph linear equations.  Next, we will learn to write rules for linear functions, and, finally, how to compare the rate of change and initial values of two different linear functions.  Please expect the Chapter 4 Quiz (Lessons 4-1 to 4-3) on Friday, 11/15 and the Chapter 4 Test (Lessons 4-1 to 4-4) on Thursday, 11/21.

    Quiz and Test Retake Policy:  I certainly permit retakes.  It is important that the students attain the knowledge.  Students need to sign out their quiz or test from me, make corrections on a separate paper, have parents sign their corrections, staple their corrections to their original test or quiz.  Upon completion of corrections, students will be eligible to take a retake on an alternate, but similar, assessment.

    World Studies – Mr. Koops

       In World Studies, students are beginning their unit on Europe. Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages will be the first areas of study. A common assessment on "Geography Skills and Concepts" will be given  in the next week. All preparations, study, and guidance will be undertaken in class.

         The homework packet was assigned on Thursday, November 7. It is titled "Early History of Europe". It is due on Monday, November 11. It is worth 74 points.

    Science – Mr. Barrett

    **See Mr. Barrett for what's happening the week of November 11-15**

    Language Arts – Mr. Searle

    Students can expect a "Notebook Quiz" this week over our writing and plagiarism notes. It is an open-note quiz. The expectation is that students are keeping their notes organized, in their binders, and  bringing them to class. 

    This week we will begin our 2nd Independent Reading Assignment. Students will find a new novel of choice to read over the next 4 weeks. 

    We will continue to journal and discuss our writing in class. We will also begin reading and discussing background and biography information about Charles Dickens as we get ready for our next novel unit,  A Christmas Carol.  


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