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  • 7th Grade Silver Team Newsletter: Week of January 27 - 31


    After School Homework Help:  After school homework help (Monday through Thursday, 2:45 – 3:45 pm) with Ms. Schanke (typically Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Mr. Johnson (typically Mondays and Wednesdays) in their rooms, Room 605 and Room 703, respectively.  This opportunity is a chance to receive extra support in math or just another place to complete assignments.  Please remember that it is not to be used or considered as punishment!  Please give us a heads up if you’re sending your student so we may have an idea on what they need to work.  Thanks.


    Meeting of the Minds Instruction:  During access classes this past week, students learned how to interpret Emergenetics Student Reports for their Learning Style and Behavior preferences based on the questionnaire taken earlier this school year.  Students should better understand their own preferences as well as their classmates’ preferences when working with partners or small groups.  Individual Student Reports were released to students on Friday, January 24th.  Please ask your student to explain theirs to you.


    Professional Learning Community (PLC) Late Start:  There will be a two-hour delayed start on Wednesday, January 29th.  This time allows teachers, teams and academic departments opportunities to collaborate to share “best practices” and improve instruction.




    Math – Mr. Johnson

     Two more assessments in the Gradebook!  3rd Quarter grades are well established – both Success Habits (homework) and Content Indicators (quizzes and tests).  Pease be active in checking.  Thanks.


    Math-7 (1st/2nd/3rd Periods):  Students completed and assess Chapter 4 (Ratio, Rates and Proportions) last Wednesday.  Grades are in Infinite Campus.  We are beginning Chapter 5 (Percents).  The first Chapter 5 Quiz (Lessons 5-1 and 5-2) should be around Tuesday, January 28th.


    Pre-Algebra (4th Period):  Students are beginning Chapter 6, Exponents.  Chapter 6 includes multiplying and dividing exponents by rules to include Scientific Notation.  The mid-Chapter 6 Quiz (Lessons 6-1 to 6-3) should be around Wednesday, January 29th.


    Quiz and Test Retake Policy:  I certainly permit retakes.  It is important that the students attain the knowledge.  Students need to sign out their quiz or test from me, make corrections on a separate paper, have parents sign their corrections, staple their corrections to their original test or quiz.  Upon completion of corrections, students will be eligible to take a retake on an alternate, but similar, assessment.

    World Studies – Mr. Koops


     In World Studies, students are completing their final assessments on the European unit: 
         Friday (Jan. 24) - European Countries Map Test.    
         Monday (Jan 27) - Geographical Features Map Quiz.    
         Tuesday (Jan 28) - Open Note European Countries             Test.     
         Thursday (Jan 30) - Geographical Features Map.
         The homework packet was assigned on Thursday, January 23rd. It is titled "Northern Europe". It is due on Monday, January 27 and is worth 66 Success Habit points.

    Science – Mr. Barrett

    Monday: Skeletal system
    Tuesday:  Skeletal system
    Wednesday: Digestive system
    Thursday: Starch and Sugar Lab
    Friday:  Starch and Sugar Lab

    Language Arts – Mr. Searle

    In Language Arts, we will continue with our daily grammar work, Red Hot Roots work on Greek and Latin Prefixes, Analyzing non-fiction with an Article of the Week, and students will have some class time built in to work on their Choice Novels and their Independent Reading Project #3. Monday - No School!  


    **Independent Reading Assignment: 

    Your 3rd Choice novel and all weekly activities are due on Friday, February 7th.  You should have 3 weeks of assignments completed by now. 

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