• Colorado State College and Universities Entrance Requirements for Math

    The Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) oversees admissions standards for Colorado’s public colleges and universities. Students seeking admission to a four-year public Colorado college or university will need 4 math credits (Algebra 1 and two higher levels plus one additional year beyond Algebra II). A list of approved and non-approved math courses that satisfy the Colorado state college and university admission requirements is below. See Planning and Course Guide for details.

    Approved District Math Courses                                                   Non-Approved Math Courses
    Algebra 1                                                                                                General Math
    Probability & Statistics                                                                        Computational Math 
    AP Statistics
    Algebra 2
    Mathematical Principles
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC
    Algebra 2/Trigonometry
    Calculus III
    Differential Equations

    Accelerating Math Course Work Testing out of a Course

    Students have the opportunity to accelerate their math education at the high school by testing out of a prerequisite course. The goal of this acceleration is to have the student in the math program during their entire high school career in courses that match their educational objectives. Students wishing to test out of a prerequisite course must demonstrate a mastery level of the material in that course. This mastery of the material will be determined by the student taking and earning at least an 85% on each of the semester finals for the prerequisite course. Students must contact the department chairperson to make arrangements to take these finals. For first semester, these finals can be taken the previous spring or during the teacher workdays in August. For second semester, these finals need to be taken before the conclusion of finals week in December. Testing out of a course does not grant the student any Carnegie unit credit towards fulfilling the graduation requirements at the high school. Students and their parents need to understand that testing out of a prerequisite course instead of taking the course may lead to educational gaps in their math experience at the high school.