Student Support

  • Student Support Courses

    Freshman Prep, Study Halls 9th and 10th

    ACE Courses

    Applications, Business Management, 
    Capstone, Career Development I, II, and III, Community Work-based Learning II, Computer Literacy I, II, and III, Financial Literacy, Intentional Work-based Learning III, School Work-based Learning I, Success Foundations, Success Systems

    Other Support Courses

    English Language Acquisition, PRos, Resource Room, and Strategic Reading Strategies (SRS). Students must have counselor or teacher approval to take EL, PRos, Resource Room, and SRS.

    See the Planning and Course Guide for more information.

    Free Range Bears Applications, Policies and Procedures (1st Semester)

    Study Hall Policies (Sophomore)

    Study Hall Rubric (Sophomore)