• Online Elementary School Program

  • About the LPSD Elementary Online Program 

    To access the Online Elementary School supply list, please click here


    • Weekly Newsletter from Teachers - You will receive a weekly newsletter from your child’s grade level teacher every Friday keeping you informed about what your child is learning in school, as well as what’s going on in their class. 
    • Monthly Newsletter from Administration - A newsletter will be sent monthly from administration keeping you informed about the online school. The goal of this newsletter is to stay connected to our online families. 
    • Emails - Please read all of the emails that your teachers, mentors, or administrators send about online programming so that you’re well informed about what’s going on.
    • Connecting with your Child’s Teacher - The best way to communicate with your child’s teacher is via email. The online teachers have been asked to respond to parent emails within 24 hours with the exception of weekends. 

    Delivery of Lessons: 

    • Daily Schedule - The classroom teachers will have a consistent daily schedule you can access in the Google Classroom. A recording of all lessons will be available in your child’s Google Classroom, which allows you to access the lessons when it’s most convenient for your family (daytime, evenings, or weekends). 
    • All Lessons will be Recorded - Math, reading, and writing lessons will be recorded and posted to your child’s Google Classroom. The recorded lessons will be available for the duration of the unit.

    Posting of Assignments and Recorded Lessons:

    • Kindergarten-5th Grade - Assignments will be posted daily and will be due the following Monday morning at 9:00 to allow for flexibility in an online environment. 
    • 6th Grade - Assignments will be posted on Monday and will be due the following Monday morning at 9:00 to allow for flexibility in an online environment. 

    Structure of the Program:

    Morning Meeting - Students will have access to one morning meeting per week. This meeting is focused on relationships and social-emotional support. These meetings will be hosted by your student’s grade level teacher with peers from their home-based school. It is highly recommended that your child attend this meeting to stay well connected with their teacher and classmates.  The schedule and link for these meetings are found in your child’s Google Classroom.

    Mentor Meeting Weekly with Home School - A mentor from your child’s home elementary school will hold a weekly meeting with your child. The purpose of these meetings is to build relationships as well as to take attendance. The original schedule for these meetings will be maintained. 


    • Daily 15-20 minute reading lesson recorded by a highly qualified D38 teacher
    • Each kinder-2nd grade student will be assigned to one 15-30 minute live small-group phonics session, these lessons will be offered Monday-Thursday (more information about these groups will be shared soon) 
    • All grades will receive daily optional “live” support time for any reading questions they may have with their teacher.  
    • Independent reading time at each child’s level - please ask your classroom teacher for information about how to choose the correct book for your child
    • IXL, MobyMax, Reading Plus, and other supplemental programs will be used for independent work and to identify learning needs for students 


    • Monday-Thursday there will be a 15-20 minute writing lessons recorded by a highly qualified D38 teacher for grades kindergarten-5
    • Reading and Writing are combined in 6th grade with the Amplify Language Arts Program 
    • Writing support opportunity on Fridays to meet live with the writing teacher if needed 


    • Monday-Thursday there will be a 15-20 minute lesson recorded by a highly qualified D38 teacher with a math game day on Friday
    • All grades will receive daily optional “live” support time with their teacher for any students who need to ask questions.  
    • Moby Math, Everyday Math/ConnectEd Games, Prodigy, and other supplemental programs will be used for independent work and to identify learning needs for students 

    Science/Social Studies:

    • Two science and two social studies lessons per week
    • These may be a variety of instructional videos or presentations and/or teacher recorded lessons from an LPSD teacher
    • MobyMax Science/Social Studies practice

    Specials Classes:

    • Daily specials lessons for up to 60 minutes
    • Specials offered are PE, music, and art 
    • Students remain in one special class for the entire week

    Specials Classes for 6th Grade:

    • Students will choose exploratory class(es) each trimester 
    • Daily specials lessons are 30 minutes per exploratory class or 60 minutes daily depending on the classes chosen
    • Students will have access to exploratory classes weekly- students have already selected these classes 

    Staffing for the Online Program:

    We have reallocated a number of in-district positions to provide instruction and support to create a successful online program. Please see the updated list here.

    Lewis-Palmer School District is excited to provide elementary students with an opportunity to individualize and customize their education by providing an online option with student choice about time, place, and teacher guided modality of learning. Due to the independent nature of online learning, a strong partnership between the school and the parent/guardian is vital for the success for an elementary aged student to thrive in online learning. These additional opportunities will allow students to showcase their strengths and build on their weaknesses. We are excited to provide students within the D38 boundaries with an opportunity to individualize their education through a range of academic opportunities.

    Given the recent responses to COVID-19, it is important to understand the distinction between Remote Learning and enrollment in the LPSD Elementary Online Program.  The LPSDOEP vs Remote Learning chart serves as a resource to outline the similarities and differences between the two learning modalities and inform enrollment decisions.  

    Lewis-Palmer School District Elementary Online Program (LPSDEOP) is a program for students in grades K-6 enrolled in the Lewis-Palmer School District. Students have the ability to access the curriculum and assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere with an internet connection and receive the support from both teachers as well as a site based Online Mentor. Teachers are licensed through the State of Colorado in the areas that they teach and are responsible for delivering instruction, responding to content- related questions as needed, and report cards. Online Mentors are site based and available by appointment to offer support and resources regarding access, usage, and guidance through the development of personal readiness skills to encourage success in an online educational environment.

    LPSDEOP provides the option for flexibility but requires progress to be made in all online courses regularly. Students will be enrolled at their primary brick and mortar school and have a secondary enrollment with LPSDEOP.

    Online Elementary FAQ Document