Colorado State College and Universities Entrance Requirements for Math

  • In 2004, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education raised the math requirements for admission to Colorado colleges and universities. Students seeking admission to any Colorado state college or university will need 4 credits of approved math courses beginning with Algebra I. A list of approved and non-approved math courses that satisfy the Colorado state college and university admission requirements is below.

    Approved Math Courses

    Advanced Quantitative Reasoning               Pre-Calculus
    Algebra 1                                                          Trigonometry
    Algebra 2                                                          AP Calculus AB
    Algebra 2/Trigonometry                                AP Calculus BC
    Geometry                                                         AP Statistics
    Honors Geometry

    2020-2021 Math Courses

    2020-2021 Math Course Sequence

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Math Department Final Reviews

  • The final reviews below are provided as a resource to help students and parents understand the topics covered in each of our math courses.  These are for reference only and some topics may change from year to year. In general, reviews labeled with an 'A' are for first semester and 'B' are for second semester.