Why Choose Lewis-Palmer School District 38?

  • Lewis-Palmer School District 38 is a premier preK-12 school district that partners with parents, community members, and educators to prepare students to be successful learners, productive citizens, and caring contributors to society. Together, we aspire to develop each student's talents in a safe, nurturing, and challenging educational environment to inspire a lifelong love of learning. LPSD prioritizes innovative and relevant programming for all students at all grade levels and LPSD students remain among the best prepared for future global success. LPSD believes in fostering local, national, and global stewardship to create strong citizens who will secure a better world. This is WHY we educate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How do LPSD's test scores and important data compare to neighboring districts?

    LPSD is Accredited with Distinction by the state of Colorado and consistently ranks among the top school districts in the state. For more information about this distinction, visit CDE's Districts Accredited with Distinction. LPSD's students regularly place in the top ten percent for college entrance and state exams and more than 85 percent of LPSD graduates plan to continue on to post-secondary education. Additional comparison information for LPSD and neighboring school districts is available in Schoolview.

    What opportunities does LPSD provide for gifted students?

    LPSD has a gifted and talented facilitator who guides gifted and talented programming at each LPSD school. For more information about LPSD's gifted education programs, visit LPSD's Gifted and Talented Education page.

    Does LPSD offer a preschool program?

    LPSD offers preschool programs at Bear Creek Elementary School, Kilmer Elementary School, Lewis-Palmer Elementary School, and Palmer Lake Early Childhood Center. For more information about these programs including schedules and tuition rates, please visit LPSD's Preschool and Early Childhood Programs page.

    Does LPSD have on-campus childcare before and after school?

    The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region provides before and after-school care to students at five LPSD elementary schools during the regular school year. For more information about this care, visit YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region Before and After Care.

    Does LPSD accept non-resident students?

    Students who reside outside the boundaries of Lewis-Palmer School District 38 are approved on a year-to-year basis in order to remain enrolled in LPSD through the choice enrollment process. This process does not apply to Monument Academy since charter school policies differ. Students who choiced into an LPSD elementary school from outside the district prior to the 2015-16 school year are "grandfathered" in and may finish out sixth grade at that school. More information about the choice enrollment process is available on LPSD's Choice Enrollment page

    Does LPSD offer bus transportation to non-resident students?

    Choice-enrolled students may ride LPSD buses if space is available. If a choice-enrolled student lives outside of LPSD, families must request ridership on an LPSD bus by providing a Safe Haven address using LPSD's Authorization for Transportation form. A student may be granted ridership if the Safe Haven address is approved and if there is space available on the appropriate bus.

    Accommodations for choice-enrolled students or students needing assignment to a bus other than the one to which they are regularly assigned may not be available until approximately the second Monday in September. Additional information about LPSD's transportation policies and procedures is available on LPSD's Transportation page. Please contact LPSD's Transportation Department at 719-488-4711 or transportation@lewispalmer.org with any special requests.

    Does LPSD provide any services for students who are homeschooled?

    The Lewis-Palmer HomeSchool Enrichment Academy (HSEA) is a program designed to support families of homeschooled students in kindergarten to eighth grade. HSEA offers a full array of enrichment activities including music, art, PE, and exploratory activities in science, literature, geography, and history to students in kindergarten to fifth grade. Students in sixth to eighth grade can choose from a variety of elective offerings. More information about HSEA is available on LPSD's HomeSchool Enrichment Academy (HSEA) page.

    Does LPSD offer after-school and summertime enrichment activities?

    LPSD elementary schools offer after-school and evening enrichment activities for all ages. These activities include opportunities in performing arts, life skills, academics, visual arts, special interests, online courses, and more. Public Online Classes offers teens and adults a variety of classes for personal enrichment, career development, and college preparation. For more information on available activities, please see LPSD's Youth Activities and Services Directory.

    Does LPSD allow school and site visits?

    LPSD welcomes visitors, and we are happy to field further questions about school and site visits. During the school year, please contact an individual school principal to schedule a school visit. Because there is limited staff at the school buildings during the summer months, please contact LPSD's administration office at 719-785-4223 for any requests during the summer.