Mr. Shane Montoya



Degrees and Certifications:

BS Biology(major) & Chemistry(minor), University of Colorado MS Environmental Science, City University of New York Secondary (7-12) Science Teaching Certification

Mr. Shane Montoya

I am excited to be teaching at Lewis-Palmer Middle School and to share my experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm of Science. My goal is to provide students with a practical view of the subjects I will be teaching to best relate to the world around us and “wake-up” the scientist in each of us.     

I have previously taught both middle school and high school science classes and have coached basketball. Before starting my teaching career, I served in the Coast Guard for 25 years as a Maritime Safety and Security officer. I have been stationed on all coasts of the U.S. with 11 years in Alaska and overseas assignments throughout Asia; my work focused on pollution response, inspecting commercial ships/port facilities, enforcing environmental regulations, investigating accidents and criminal activities, responding to both natural and manmade disasters, and preparing for expanse of maritime activity into the Arctic. My wife and I both grew up in Colorado, so when I retired this is where we chose to settle down and call home. I enjoy outdoor activities, both summer and winter, and am an avid fly-fisherman.    

8 Silver Team Schedule

  • Normal

    7:23 to 8:15 - E1
    8:20 to 9:05 - E2
    9:10 to 10:40 - A1 & Access
    10:40 to 11:10 - Lunch
    11:10 to 12:15 - A2
    12:20 to 1:25 - A3
    1:30 to 2:34 - A4

    Delayed Start

    9:23 to 10:00 - E1
    10:05 to 10:40 - E2
    10:40 to 11:10 - Lunch
    11:10 to 11:50 - A1
    11:55 to 12:30 - A2
    12:35 to 1:10 - A3
    1:15 to 1:50 - A4
    1:55 to 2:34 - Access