Adopt D38

  • LPES Logo Dear Lewis-Palmer Elementary Families,

    Lewis-Palmer Elementary is excited to be part of the Adopt D38, district-wide donation program for this school year. Lewis-Palmer School District is ecstatic about the success of Adopt D38. Lewis-Palmer Elementary teachers obtained $36,663 from your adoptions. Teachers receive 100% of the donation, and your donation is 100% tax-deductible*. Teachers utilize your donation for classroom enhancements like books, visual aids, manipulatives, and learning games.

    Families, individuals, groups, and businesses may adopt a teacher, grade, or school, including special services, and enrichment/support staff. Some employers will even match your donation. Donations can be combined to "adopt" at any level. Names of sponsors will be recognized in the school publications, school building, school website, and with a Certificate of Adoption.

    To adopt the teacher of your choice, donate $165, the number of days in the school year. To adopt a grade of your choice, donate $250. To adopt your school, donate $365, a dollar a day. Please check with the school, grade, or teacher for specific information on how your donation will be used.

    The goal of this program is to aid the teachers that work so hard for our children. On average, teachers spend $500 out of their own pockets for their classrooms annually. Let's support our outstanding teachers at Lewis-Palmer Elementary and make this school year a memorable one, with all teachers adopted.

    Please make an adoption and support the future of our children! Adoptions can be made online for credit card payments or by check or cash at Lewis-Palmer Elementary. Check your school's website for the list of adoptions. Don't delay, adopt today!

    Please contact me with any questions. Thank you for your support.

    Adopt D38 Director

    *Please check with your tax advisor or accountant for tax deduction specifics!

    **Lewis-Palmer Education Foundation (LPEF) is the official sponsor of the Adopt D38 program! This sponsorship pays for the operating costs of the program.