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Ms. Caroline Jones

We are all about to really learn something new!  Myself included.  Who would have thought when we began this year, we would have to take on the challenge of remote learning.  I am embracing the challenge and want to do everything I can to help your child succeed.  The following are my plans, and advice to your student to help them navigate online learning.  I'm sure I will be learning a lot, and will adjust the process as needed.

I will be posting on both this website and on a CANVAS course.  The posts will be identical, except for the fact that students will be taking quizzes and tests through CANVAS, and we will have a class discussion site in CANVAS so that the students may discuss with me and each other the topics covered (or questions about assignments).  CANVAS may be accessed through Class Link or students gmail waffle.  Please check to see that you are able to access the CANVAS app.

First, I am preparing videos, to teach each lesson.  These videos are me teaching the topic, just as I would in class.  The students are expected to take notes from the videos to reference, when attempting the practice.

Next a practice will be assigned.  Sometimes, the practice will be from the textbook (all students should have online access or a hard copy, please let me know if you do not), and some are worksheets.  If a student is unable to print the worksheet, they may show their work on notebook/graph paper and send it to me in that format.  I apologize for the worksheets. Much of work we do involves graphing, and it is usually easier, if I provide the graphs. 

I will be grading the work on participation and accuracy.  I will also post the answers for each assignment.  This post will only contain the most basic answers and not show the work.  The only way for a student to get full credit for their grade:  they must show work so that I can assess that they understand the material.  To help when submitting your work:  please put your name and the section number on your paper, please write neatly and dark (light pencil marks are not showing in photos), and circle or highlight your answers.

It is my hope that every child will watch the video and take notes, then attempt the assignment on their own, followed by checking their work from the answer key.  Then if they discover mistakes, they may use a prepared detailed assignment video for further explanation and correct their work.   This gives every student the opportunity to correct their work before submitting it.  Yes - I know this does allow for anyone to skip the first steps in the process and forward straight to the practice answers (with the sound/explanations off), and straight copy.  There is no perfect set up for this situation, and I would rather provide too much information rather than too little.  

At this time we have 3 options for turning in an assignment.  I'm concerned I will not know the best method until we get started.

Option 1:  All assignments are loaded as a CANVAS assignment, and using the app to take a picture, will load the practice directly into the file it is assigned to.  I have not been able to try this out yet, but I'm hoping this will be the most efficient.  The following instructions for the CANVAS have been approved by the district:  Download the Canvas app (Student Canvas) and proceed with the following directions

    1. Enter in “” within the “Find My School” field

    2. Enter in your district username (typically your firstname.lastname) and district password 

Please note: Content items and graphics may appear distorted in the mobile app due to the smaller screen size

Option 2:  Take a photo or scan of your assignment, preferably using a free scanning app (through your phone's app store).  Scanning allows multiple pages to be in one document, which is definitely easier for me to keep track.  Then upload through either Class Link or your school email waffle to google docs.  Finally share the document with me:  This allows me to provide feedback directly on your assignment.  Just placing a document in a shared file, does not notify me that it has been turned in, I must to be notified in order to know to check your work.

Option 3:  Take a photo or scan of your assignment, just like option 2, and email it directly to me

I know learning from videos can be challenging.  When possible, I will be providing 'extra' (not required) videos made by professionals to explain each topic.  I will also be providing links to Khan academy and other sources, that explain the topic in a different manner and have additional practice problems.

I will make myself available during school hours to answer questions by email and through the CANVAS classroom discussion, as quickly as I can.  When I have a better idea of our schedule, I will schedule google hangouts at specific times, which will allow me to answer specific questions for students live. 

Please let me know at any time if you have any questions or concerns.



I moved to Colorado about 3 years ago, from Texas.  I just love it here, and I never miss the Texas heat!  In Texas, I taught all levels of high school math for 6 years.  I hold a Bachelors of Secondary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics from Kansas State University.  I also have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, again with a Secondary Mathematics emphasis, from the University of Texas in Arlington.

I enjoy being outside every chance I get.  This summer kept me busy - spending time with family and building a waterfall in my backyard!  My hobbies include working on my home, reading, crafting, and hiking, also, a husband, two sons, two dogs, two cats and one fish.

My students describe me as being passionate about math, and always having a smile on my face.  I just love working with the kids!

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. The quickest way to reach me is by e-mail. Thank you for sharing your children with me!

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    7:23 to 8:15 - E1
    8:20 to 9:05 - E2
    9:10 to 10:10 - A1
    10:15 to 11:50 - A2 and Access
    11:50 to 12:20 - Lunch
    12:20 to 1:25 - A3
    1:30 to 2:34 - A4

    Delayed Start

    9:23 to 10:00 - E1
    10:05 to 10:35 - E2
    10:35 to 11:00 - Lunch
    11:05 to 11:50 - A1
    11:55 to 12:40 - A2
    12:45 to 1:30 - A3
    1:35 to 2:34 - A4